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How to Choose the Best Energy Saving Heating Systems for Your Palmerston North Home

It can be hard making decisions about heating for your home. Maybe you live in an area where clean air regulations from your local councils are restricting the use of your trusty (but older model) log burner. Many councils in New Zealand now encourage homeowners to choose clean heating options over smoke producing and air polluting traditional log burners.

When choosing electric heating options you want to find those that will use the least amount of energy to keep your electricity bills low and reduce your energy consumption. Pellet fires or log burners do still have their place in New Zealand homes, particularly in the event of a power cut or earthquake, but for regular use throughout the winter a heat pump is a more economical solution.

Approximately 50% of home energy usage can be attributed to heating your hot water. Solar powered hot water requires an initial investment that will pay for itself over the years. Depending on where you live in New Zealand, the angle of your roof and the number of sun hours, solar power may not be a reliable or cost effective solution for you but hot water heat pumps are a good alternative to solar power and direct electric heating.

An EcoEnergy hot water heat pump can save up to 50% off your water heating bill. Even on wet or cloudy days and at night the units work to transfer renewable energy from the air outside your home to heat the water in the tank, providing a continuous supply of hot water to your household.

Heat pumps are a popular choice for heating homes and have the added advantage of also being cooling and air conditioning systems. Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Toshiba are major manufacturers of heating and cooling systems. New Zealand (NZ) Refrigeration Systems Ltd are registered stockists and installers of these brands of heat pumps in Palmerston North

When considering heat pumps it is advisable to get an assessment of your home by a qualified installer, as the choice of heat pump should to take into account the layout and the rooms you require heating/cooling in. In most situations multiple units will be required and an installer can advise on the size, number and suggested placement for each unit. Different units vary in output and smaller units may not have the power to heat a large space.

New developments in technology mean that heat pumps are becoming more slimline, quieter and more energy efficient and in some cases even self-cleaning which reduces the maintenance required. A heat pump that also cleans the air and removes allergens will be beneficial for people with asthma and allergies as they improve the air quality.

Ducted systems take up only a small space in your ceiling compared with traditional wall or floor heat pumps. Some heat pumps have the capacity to run multiple indoor units off one external unit thus reducing the amount of outdoor space you need to install your heat pump which is great for apartment living.

NZ Refrigeration Services Ltd are experienced suppliers and installers of Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba and Fujitsu heat pumps in Palmerston North. To obtain a free quote for your central heating needs in Palmerston North visit the NZ Refrigeration Services Ltd website www.nzrsltd.co.nz for contact details. You can rely on their team to provide the best advice on installing heat pumps for your Palmerston North home or office.

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